A bit about Squadlocker

Squadlocker was built on four generations of textile manufacturers. They are the leader in custom apparel for teams. Kids teams, adult leagues, and everyone in between can design gear with their logo, colors, and names on high-quality garments.

What exactly does Squadlocker need?

League Management Systems are the gateway

League Management Systems (or LMS for short) are web applications that help you manage a sports team. Everyone who runs a team - your buddy’s bowling league, your kids soccer team — uses an LMS to schedule practices, communicate, and reserve space.

Squadlocker wanted LMS users to create and order custom gear, without ever leaving the LMS software they already use.

Enter the LMS Module

The LMS module is an iframe-wrapped React app that makes use of Squadlocker's existing codebase.

<script src="s3.com/sqd.module-1.0.2.js"></script>
  var config = {
    container: "#target",
    team_uid: "a-team",
    style: {
      text_color: "#1C1E1F",
      accent_color: "#29A3FF",
      background_color: "#F0F2F4",
      border_radius: true,
      font_stack: "helvetica, arial"
  var SQD = new Squadlocker(config);

Include the script from the CDN, and create an instance of the module, then pass in your config (if you want).

LMS Module

We helped deliver the LMS experience to partners like Sports Illustrated. Here is Squadlocker's CTO speaking on the quality of Motel's work.

Well, there you have it.

The LMS module was just a piece of the puzzle for Squadlocker, but brought their core business to customers in need of quality custom gear and apparel. This is sort of what we're good at, designing and building a tech solution that just makes sense. Reach out and ask us more about it.